"When one has to get out of this neighbourhood to go to work, it’s hell. In the past, coaches went by anyway because it [the market] was small... until it took up the whole street. From that moment, coaches started to take other routes. I wake up and I have to walk a long way, and start searching for a coach, regardless of all the dangers it implies, in order to arrive punctually at work!"

Betty, hairdresser. Does not work in the market.

“[...] Social mobilization observed today has an inner tension that combines (a poor combination, at the moment) a dimension of protest and the struggle for survival. [...] It is important to insist on the fact that mobilizations find a frame of orientation in the broader context of survival strategies as an additional element in the context of unstable tools employed by families."

Denis Merklen. Pobres Ciudadanos. Las clases populares en la era democrática - Argentina 1983-2003.

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