Matías Dewey

Crises and the Emergence of Illicit Markets: A Pragmatist View on Economic Action outside the Law. MPIfG Discussion Paper (2014). Download.

Illegal Police Protection and the Market for Stolen Vehicles in Buenos Aires. Journal of Latin American Studies, 44, 4, 679-702 (2012)

The Making of Hybrid Stateness: Sources of Police Performance in the Conurbano. Revista de Ciencia Política, 32, 3, 659-672 (2012)

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Sarah Pabst


3. Prize Picture of the Year (POY) LATAM, "Women in Society". 

Canon Profifoto Förderpreis 2014

2. Honorable Mention at the Competition "No es Igual" from the Defensoría de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina (2014)

Lensculture Emerging Talents 2014 - Selected for Invitation Only Portfolio Account

Selected exhibitions:

"La Salada Project" - IAI (Iberoamerikanisches Institut) Berlin (June 2015).

"No es igual" - Group Exhibition at the Casa Cultural Villa 21, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Dec. 2014).

"Just Mothers" - Group Exhibition in Stephanie Sinclair's Exhibition "Too young to wed", Museo de Arte Decorativo, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Dec. 2014).

"La Salada Project" - Group Exhibition El borde II at Museo Villa Victoria Ocampo, Mar del Plata, Argentina (Nov. 2014).

"La Salada Project" - M.A.R. Museum for Contemporary Arts in Mar del Plata, Argentina during the EAFI - Encuentro Internacional de Fotografía Independiente, El Borde (Nov. 2014).

"La Ultima Mirada" - Canon Profifoto Förderpreis at Photokina, Group Exhibition, Cologne, Germany.

"La Salada Project" - Individual exhibition at LOGOI Institut für Philosophie, Aachen, Germany (Apr. - Sep. 2014).

"Transformadoras" - Individual exhibition (audiovisual) at Museo Villa Victoria Ocampo, Mar del Plata (Nov. 2013).

"Transformadoras" - Festival Buenos Aires, Argentina (Aug. 2013).

"Nicht alles was glitzert ist Disco" - Epikur Gallery Wuppertal, Group Exhibition, Paintings (2012).

"Lokstoff" - Bürgerbahnhof Vohwinkel, Wuppertal. Groupexhibition Photography and Paintings (2011, 2012).

"Bolivia, Brasil, Argentina" - Individual Exhibition, Photography, at DeFacto Art Gallery, Lübeck, Germany (Nov, Dec. 2010).

"Mujeres de Piedras, Mujeres de Coca" - Stella von Baum Preis, Wuppertal (2010).

"Screenshot" - University of Wuppertal, Photography and Paintings (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011).


Hijos, ongoing project on the children of the 'desaparecidos', since 2015.

Evol, ongoing personal project about love, since 2014.

Just Mothers, about single mothers in Greater Buenos Aires, 2013/2014.

The Happy One, about transsexuals in Mar del Plata, 2012.

Troubled Land, about land and daily life in Israel and Palestine, 2011.

Thursday, portrait series about Israeli soldiers coming back home on weekends, 2011.

Women of Stone, Women of Coca, about women workers in Bolivia, 2010.

A place to Live. Favelas in Rio de Janeiro, about the São Carlos Complex, 2008.

Sarah's work was published among others in Burn Magazine (Burn Diary), Profifoto, Zeit Online, FAZ, Revista Pecado, Brasil de Fato, Brigitte Young Miss, Deutsche Welle, Lensculture and the Max Planck Journal, among others.

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