Sportswear for sale at La Salada Market

"People want fashion; people want to be up to date in fashion. They want to be up to date with the latest models. And the people who buy most are women! […]. The clients themselves tell you ‘why don’t you cut here and combine it with another color?’ They tell you, they give you ideas!"

Roberto, textile entrepreneur, workshop owner and designer. Lives near La Salada.

"The workforce in clan operations is highly skilled, with decades of experience under Italy's and Europe's most important designers. The same hands that once worked under the table for the big labels now work for the clans. Not only is the workmanship perfect, but the materials are exactly the same, either bought directly on the Chinese market or sent by the designer labels to the underground factories participating in the auctions. Which means that the clothes made by the clans aren't the typical counterfeit goods, cheap imitations, or copies passed off as the real thing, but rather a sort of true fake. All that's missing is the final step: the brand name, the official authorization of the motherhouse. But the clans usurp that authorization without bothering to ask anybody's permission. Besides, what clients anywhere in the world are really interested in is quality and design. And the clans provide just that—brand as well as quality—so there really is no difference."

Roberto Saviano. Gomorrah: A Personal Journey into the Violent International Empire of Naples' Organized Crime System.

"In contrast to the speculator, the entrepreneur is not interested in accidental profit but in building an opportunity structure for the continuous generation of profits."

Christoph Deutschmann. A pragmatist theory of capitalism.

La Salada market stall
Sneakers for sale at La Salada Market
Products for sale at La Salada Market
Products for sale at La Salada Market
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