ER is responsible for the security of one sector of one of the markets.

ER: You know, it’s a necessary evil, from us [the market] to them [the police] and from them to us. Because this is like a muzzle of fire, but we need them and they need us, so there is no tension.

M: But, why do they [the police] need you? It’s a difficult question I’m asking you… [Laughs on both sides].

ER: No, no, I can answer it quickly. Let’s say… because I don’t think they have a fundraising association [cooperadora]. [laughs]

"The resilience of these corrupt police structures is based on the constant trading of illegal protection – that is, a type of protection that consists of police officers offering lawbreakers the temporary non-application of the law as a commodity."

Matias Dewey. Illegal Police Protection and the Market for Stolen Vehicles in Buenos Aires.

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